5 Social Media Posts Every Creative Business Needs

We Invited Nicole Bedard, the brand photographer who prides herself in aiding creative businesses in achieving their full potential when it comes to telling their brand story to give us her insight into the 5 social media posts every creative buisness needs.

5 Social Media Posts Every Creative Business Needs

As a creative business owner, sharing visual content on social media is essential. But figuring out what pictures or videos to capture and –more importantly– how to actually use them can feel overwhelming. 

The decision fatigue can be paralyzing on top of the countless other business tasks you already have on your plate!

As a brand photographer for creative businesses, I take photos with marketing in mind. My goal is always to go beyond taking great pictures. I help clients create a strategic plan to effectively and confidently use their brand imagery on social media and other platforms like their website and email marketing so they can increase their business impact, sales, and overall goals through our work together.

Now, I'm eager to share some of these insights with you! In this blog, I’ll introduce you to the five crucial social media posts every creative business needs, regardless of your industry. 

I'll guide you on capturing the right imagery and using your brand photos and videos to tell a compelling story that turns prospects into buyers. Whether you hire a photographer or DIY, use this as a foundation for your brand photos and social media strategy!

Social Post #1: Introduction or About Posts

Introduce yourself to your followers! 

People want to see the humans behind your creative business, and this is an awesome way to go beyond the generic, “Hi, my name is…” posts and instead share something really meaningful about your brand values, mission, and vision!

In these intro posts, talk about how your business started, why you love being creative, and how your work makes a positive difference in your community and the lives of your clients. Explain where your ideas come from, the materials you use, and what inspires you, like your surroundings, social causes, or family. 

The people who resonate with your message and are interested in what you offer will be drawn to you! At the end of the day, it’s all about authentic connection.

Environmental portraits are perfect here. Check out some examples I’ve captured for my clients:

Pro Tip: If you’ve already done an intro post before, know it’s okay to do it again! In fact, reintroducing yourself to your audience is something you can do regularly especially if you see an uptick in new followers!

Social Post #2: Process Posts

Process photos are some of the most important pictures I take on any brand photoshoot! It surprises me that these are often the pictures creative businesses overlook.

Process posts let you give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your creative magic!

Your way of doing things is what makes you special– in fact, I believe your process is the most interesting, unique part of your business. 

Highlight how you create your product in the studio or pull up a figurative “chair” for your audience at your next client meeting so they can see what a planning meeting looks and feels like!

Don't underestimate how much people will enjoy this kind of content– you probably take your process for granted simply because you’re so close to the work you do! 

Capture process photos and videos during your work to highlight your skills and expertise. It's a simple yet impactful way to set yourself apart from the crowd, and you can easily weave it into tasks you're already handling.

It’s effective multitasking at its finest!

Take a look at these process photos for inspiration! 

Social Post #3: Final Product Images

Work backward as you think of ways to spotlight the end result of your creative work! It’s a bit of reverse engineering.  When you think about how your ideal audience would use your product or service in their life, you can readily address their questions and get ahead of objections. This is the kind of social media content that will really make your brand shine!

If you're selling products, capture imagery of your product in its intended environment.

For instance, if you paint and want to sell your art to fancy hotels, how you display and photograph it will be quite different than if you're aiming to sell your work to new parents decorating a nursery!

That being said, final product images aren’t just for product-based businesses!

For service-based businesses, capturing "final product" images might seem a bit tricky when you don’t have a tangible “product,” but with a touch of creativity, it's absolutely achievable! I suggest showcasing client transformations. This could involve sharing testimonials or images that illustrate and support a written description of their experience working with you and the outcomes they’ve achieved!

Pro Tip: Showcasing your final product or end result is essential, but make sure to expand your feed beyond just final product images or service-based transformations. Using this guide will help you shake things up and offer variety in your visual content!

Social Post #4: Video

Have you noticed that social platforms are pushing video content more and more often?

It’s not by accident. Your customers want to watch videos. It’s relevant, convenient, and fits into their on-the-go lifestyle (and their pocket).

While sharing photos is important, in today’s social media climate more and more people prefer video content. 

Creating brand videos may seem daunting at first, but getting started is often easier than you’d imagine! Short social media videos and reels don't need to be complex to make a significant and strategic impact.

Here is my all-time favorite tip that I love to share with creative brands:

Create Timelapse Videos. Set up your smartphone to capture a timelapse video while you work. It doesn't have to be elaborate—just a glimpse into your studio or work routine. Use these videos to explain a step in your process or connect with your audience on a personal level. I walk you through exactly how to create a timelapse video in this IG post.

Social Post #5: Education/Entertainment Style Posts

Education and entertainment posts are meant to offer support, social proof, and information that can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

But when it comes to this kind of social media content, it's tempting to follow what everyone else is doing. While trends can be fun, I urge you to explore ways to share original content that truly reflects your brand

If dancing on TikTok is your style, go for it! But if it's not your thing, don't feel obligated – give yourself the freedom to be authentically you. After all, that’s what it really means to be “on brand.”

If you're unsure where to begin, think about where your ideal client is before they're ready to invest in your product or services. How can you help them now, so that when they are ready to buy, they think of you first? 

If you're still unclear, just ask! Regularly chatting with your prospective and current clients keeps you in tune with their needs, allowing you to provide more meaningful solutions!

 I love sharing best practices, tips, and guidance with my audience on social media. Here’s how I’ve used brand imagery to share educational posts in the past:

Nicole Bedard is a Connecticut-based brand photographer, videographer and strategist, who is on a mission to help fellow creatives step out from behind their work, showcase their creative process, and make their branding irresistible to their ideal client so they can feel more confident, connect with more people, and create more of an impact in their industry.

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