Agate & Ayre

Agate & Ayre go Glasgow, UK, where April Hay, a digital textile designer, weaves Scottish geology into meticulously crafted accessories, promoting science accessibility and sustainability.

Agate & Ayre

Edition Four Feature
Words by: April Hay
Location: Glasgow, UK 
Photo Credit: ¬©Rhiannon Louden @smallfishbrandco 

I am a digital textile designer and seamstress, and the one-woman operation behind Agate & Ayre. I work from my home studio in Glasgow, UK, creating slowly made accessories that feature my textile designs inspired by Scottish geology. My work is sold through my website and in selected galleries across Scotland. 

The primary inspiration for my textile designs is my own photographs of rocks and mineral textures found around Scotland. Each design is named after the stone or geological process that inspired it, and through social media, I delve deeper into the details, sharing knowledge in a way that is accessible and interesting. I believe very strongly that science is for everyone, irrespective of academic ability or background. I‚Äôm a very visual learner and I hope that my work ignites a passion for geology in a way that a textbook never could for me. 

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