Alexander & Ellis

Oliver Alexander-Jones, a Plymouth-based furniture designer, crafts fine, handcrafted pieces that blend vintage aesthetics with modern design. His debut release, the Kiley chair, showcases his meticulous and thoughtful approach.

Alexander & Ellis

Edition 4 Feature
Words by: Oliver Alexander-Jones 
Location: Plymouth, UK 
Photo Credit: ¬©Josh Greet @josh_greet 

I design and make fine, handcrafted furniture, combining the aesthetics of a bygone era and the modern day. I began by creating, upon request, the vision of those who didn‚Äôt have the ability to execute their own ideas. I have since progressed to working on my own collection ‚Äď a plethora of designs that I endeavour to develop and release gradually throughout my lifetime. 

The Kiley chair is the first piece that I have released, which I did in 2021. I spent years designing this chair, agonising over it, walking away from it and coming back to it again. It began life in the cold barn of a farm in the middle of nowhere and finally emerged into the world from my current workshop. 

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