Amy Niven returned to making having found her purpose | WAMCAST #0074

Amy Niven returned to making having found her purpose | WAMCAST #0074

In this episode of We Are Makers WAMCAST, episode number 74, we journey to the serene village of Nethy Bridge in the Scottish Highlands, where we sit down with the incredibly talented jeweller and teacher, Amy Niven of "The Third Aye."

Amy shares her inspiring journey from the bustling city life to the tranquil Scottish Highlands, where she pursued her dream of building a unique jewelery brand. After a decade since her graduation and the transformative experience of becoming a mother, Amy found a renewed passion and purpose in making. This profound shift in her life led her to establish her own studio, reigniting her creative spark and leading to the creation of a stunning range of jewellery.

But Amy's vision extends beyond just crafting beautiful pieces; she has opened her studio doors to couples and families, offering them the chance to create meaningful jewellery together. Under her expert guidance, these sessions become more than just a learning experience‚ÄĒthey're a chance to forge lasting bonds and create personalised tokens of love and memory.

Join us as we delve into Amy's story, exploring how she combines her love for jewellery making with her passion for teaching, and how her work not only beautifies but also brings people closer. Whether you're a jewellery enthusiast, a maker, or someone who cherishes the beauty of handcrafted art, this episode of WAMCAST will leave you inspired and perhaps even longing for a quiet life in the Highlands.

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