Mariló Míguez Ricón's journey, who, driven by a health revelation, shifted from a stable career in London to craft washable paper handbags in the serene landscapes of San Sebastián, Spain.


Edition 3 Feature (September 2021)
Words by: Mariló Míguez Ricón 
Location: San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain 
Photo Credit: ©Mariló Míguez Ricón 

In 2014, a health problem made me take the decision to change my life. I was living in London at the time and had a stable, well-paid job. Five years prior to this, I had bought my own house and, after 15 years living in London, my whole life was there. But I decided to go back to my hometown in Spain and study again. I wanted to be truthful to myself and dedicate my career to something that would better reflect my identity and that was totally different to what I had done professionally before. 

I had always been attracted to manual work, and for some time the idea of creating my own brand of handbags had been on my mind. I couldn’t find any training for something so specific, though, so I enrolled to study theatre costume design for two years. By the end, I was working in a workshop where I sewed accessories for a well-known firm. When my contract was up, I decided that this was the moment to start what I really wanted to do: create my own brand of handbags and accessories. 

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