Ardent Leather

Ardent Leather, founded by the husband-and-wife duo Jack Lennie and Kate Caven, crafts enduring leather goods. They challenge throwaway culture, emphasizing quality, handmade products in their Glasgow workshop.

Ardent Leather

Edition One feature (September 2020)
Words by: Jack Lennie
Location Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Photo Credit: ©WEAREMAKERS

Ardent Leather is a husband-and-wife business dedicated to creating high quality goods. Having met in 2011, Kate Caven and I both went on to study product design in Edinburgh. We then each opened our own individual businesses before combining our expertise by banding together to create Ardent. 

Ardent was created to embody our passion for high quality, made-to-last goods and to distil our values into physical products. It‚Äôs important to us to make a stand and play our part in challenging society‚Äôs throwaway culture by providing products that truly do endure the test of time. 

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