Ash & Plumb

Discover the artistic journey of Ash & Plumb, a Sussex-based woodworking studio founded by partners Barnaby Ash and Dru Plumb. Through woodturning, they shape sustainable, sculptural forms, blending creativity with natural materials.

Ash & Plumb

Edition 3 Feature
Words by: Barnaby Ash and Dru Plumb 
Location: Sussex, UK 

Ash & Plumb is a Sussex-based woodworking studio created by partners Barnaby Ash and Dru Plumb. Passionate about honouring natural materials, we specialise in crafting sculptural forms and functional works from locally and sustainably sourced British timber through the traditional craft of woodturning. We live and work in our home and small workshop on the edge of Brighton, UK, near the South Downs, with our Labrador Retriever Alfie. 

Our work is born out of the desire for a sustainable practice, creative freedom, the therapy of craft itself and autonomy. We delight in the ability to take a creative concept and turn it into a physical reality, to work with an idea from start to finish and take full responsibility for every part of the process. We had always been looking to create an opportunity that could fulfil these needs, but it took us quite a while before we realised what that opportunity was. 

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