Britt Illustrates

Meet Britt Rademaker, a 21-year-old designer and teacher from the Netherlands, seamlessly blending the tranquility of her countryside home with the dynamic creativity of Amsterdam. Explore her digital design journey and flourishing illustration career.

Britt Illustrates

Edition 3 Features
Words by: Britt Rademaker 
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
Photo Credit: ©Britt Rademaker

I‚Äôm Britt, a 21-year-old designer and teacher based in a small town in the Netherlands. I live very close to the beautiful city of Amsterdam and far away from the hustle and bustle. I love the juxtaposition of the busy city life with the abundance of greenery and meadows that we‚Äôre well known for in the Netherlands. Creating some kind of peace in the hustle and bustle is a golden combination for me. 

I always work by myself from my small room, with lots of coffee and plants to keep me awake and inspired. I pick a record from a ‚Äėclassic‚Äô rock band like Cream or The Kinks and I‚Äôm ready to get started. I grab my iPad and I start drawing out some sketches to get that creative mindset going, changing the record every now and then. 

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