Building a buisness that makes you happy with Briony Machin | WAMCAST #0070

In the 70th episode of We Are Makers podcast, join us in a captivating conversation with Briony Machin. Discover her inspiring journey, creative process, and the intersection of making and entrepreneurship.

Building a buisness that makes you happy with Briony Machin | WAMCAST #0070

Welcome to the 70th episode of the We Are Makers podcast In this special episode, we had the incredible opportunity to reconnect with the talented Briony Machin, a maker we've admired since featuring her in our September 2022 edition. The journey from then to now has been nothing short of inspiring, and we couldn't wait to catch up with Briony and delve deep into the world of making and entrepreneurship.

Our conversation with Briony touched on a multitude of fascinating topics. From the unexpected virality of one TikTok videos to the intricacies of managing craft away days, Briony shared insights into her creative process and the unique experiences she crafts for her audience. But that's not all – we explored the intersection of her making endeavours and her thriving business, where she has not only forged brand partnerships but also developed successful product lines.

Briony's story is a testament to the rewards of hard work and dedication to one's craft. Her sustainable approach to life as a maker serves as inspiration for aspiring creators and entrepreneurs alike. As a special treat, we learned that Briony is embarking on a three-month travel sabbatical, promising exciting adventures and fresh perspectives. She'll return in April with a calendar full of courses, ready to share her wisdom and skills with enthusiasts eager to learn from a true master.

Join us on this episode as we unravel the layers of Briony's creative journey, discovering the secrets behind her success and gaining valuable insights into the world of making. Don't forget to let us know what you think and share your suggestions for future guests—we love hearing from our amazing community of fellow makers!

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