Canned Pineapple, Computer Coded Art, and Photography Lessons.

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3 - Makers stories from: Canned Pineapple, Studio Ibbini, Dejan-Art Sculptor 

2 - Things we are working on: Edition Ten goes to print next week & our Podcast Calendar.

1 - Thing we learned this week: Nicole Bedard wrote you an amazing article on which images to use to bring your brand to life.

Canned Pineapple.

Kate and I had the pleasure of sharing Buddy and Shelbys story in Edition Five. We also came across some of their work in Nashville last year on our US podcast tour. I can confirm it's as good as it looks in pictures.

Studio Ibbini.

Julia Ibbini in collaboration with Stéphane Noyer, a computer scientist makes some AMAZING art that to me resembles ancient carvings with an accuracy and technical intricacy that is rare to see.

FREE ARTICLE: Dejan-Art Sculptor

Dejan was the first Serbian artist we featured. Once we saw his work we couldn't not reach out. Specifically the horses he carves. Following an agricultural path he quickly realised his passion was in Art and pursued it with everything he had.

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2 Things we are working on.

1 - Edition Ten

Goes out to print next week.

It is a bumper edition. Filled with amazing stories from more amazing makers, artists and craftspeople.

What is significant about Edition Ten however is that it marks Five years in business for We Are Makers. Five years we have been doing this.

To date we have featured the stories of 369 makers from 40 different countries and printed over 3.8 million pages.

Each page in readers hands shares a makes story.


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2 - Podcasts.

Our podcast listenership is growing week on week. We have Australia just around the corner and we are going to extend our stay to do another podcast trip like we did in the US last year.

We are also planning another Scotland and Ireland trip in the summer.

Soon to be followed by another US trip all going well in September.

Lots on, lots of stories to tell.

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1 Thing We Learned.

People, Process, and Product.

Once again, our friend Nicole Bedard, a creative brand photographer from Connecticut, USA, has written a standout article for you, the modern maker, on brand photography. She explains the three key types of imagery you can use to communicate your business.

Edition Ten coming 1st May, Make sure you are subscribed to guarantee your copy!