Mary Serditova Vande Kerckhove, a textile printmaker in Bruges, Belgium, shares her journey as an introverted artist and founder of Cloudfields. Using block and lino printing she transforms natural inspirations into handmade textile items, reflecting her passion for naive and primitive art.


Edition 3 Feature (September 2021)
Words by: Mary Serditova Vande Kerckhove 
Location: Bruges, Belgium 
Photo Credit: ¬©Mary Serditova 

My name is Mary Serditova Vande Kerckhove and I am a textile printmaker. This is the first time I have publicly talked about myself, my hobby and my passion for decorating textiles with handmade prints. I am an introvert, and even though I have an Instagram page, it mostly contains images about the beauty of nature, natural materials and how I transform this beauty onto everyday, simple, prosaic things. But I have finally realised that Cloudfields is not just a hobby but my own little brand. 

I always liked to sew, starting in elementary school. I love working with natural fabrics, but handmade prints are truly my passion. I use different techniques to decorate linen and cotton materials for making handbags, accessories, clothes and household fabrics. I am always searching for new techniques but the ones that I mostly use are block printing (using wooden blocks), lino printing (using lino blocks) and sun printing (using leaves and branches of plants, water-based inks and solar energy). 

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