Coast To Coast Artist

Explore the artistic journey of Krystal Kramer, a self-taught artist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. From childhood sketches to discovering a passion for watercolors, her creations reflect the beauty of nature.

Coast To Coast Artist

Edition Four Feature
Words by: Krystal Kramer 
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 
Photo Credit: ¬©Krystal Krame 

My name is Krystal Kramer. I was born in the USA, in Astoria, Oregon, and raised in Tampa, Florida. I am a self-taught artist with a great appreciation for nature in all its forms, and my art reflects the beauty that surrounds me. 

Growing up with five brothers, I enjoyed playing outside and was always in the dirt or riding my horse in the pastures. Nature was my life. I loved camping in my backyard, listening to the sounds of the night, and spent many afternoons swinging in a hammock, absorbing the rays that peeked through the trees. As a child, I was passionate about sketching and would spend hours drawing anywhere that I could set my paper down. Once I became a young adult, I took a long break from creating, only to rediscover my passion for art when I had children of my own. 

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