Companion Denim

Companion Denim, a Spanish brand rooted in Sabadell's textile heritage. Founded by Iu Franquesa, it specializes in raw and selvedge denim, embracing values of quality, honesty, and environmental respect.

Companion Denim

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Iu Franquesa
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Photo Credits: ©Iu Franquesa

I am Iu Franquesa, founder of Companion Denim, a denim brand that specialises in raw and selvedge denim. We built our company based on a passion for the product and the values of quality, honesty and respect for the environment. 

We are based in Sabadell, a small town in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, Spain. Sabadell is a town that has its roots in the textile industry and it has played a key role in pioneering the Catalan industrial sector for decades. 

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