Barcelona-based garment-makers, Adriana Zalacain and Sabrina Kohan redefine sustainability with radical transparency. Crafting timeless essentials and made-to-order pieces, their central workspace becomes a hub for beauty, genuine connection, and emotional sustainability in the heart of Barcelona.


Edition 3 Feature (September 2021)
Words by: Adriana Zalacain and Sabrina Kohan 
Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 
Photo Credit: ¬©Mariano Herrera @mariano_herrera_ / ¬©Martina Matencio @lalovenenoso 

We are garment-makers. We have our own workspace in the centre of Barcelona, Spain, where we design our pieces and, just 10 steps away, sew them. When manufacturing this way, there is no possible gap for tricks ‚Äď it is the most radical way to develop transparency. 

In the way we understand sustainability, facts are a lot more powerful than words, and we certainly choose The Facts. We are stepping away from the phase of collections and seasons, and we are welcoming a model where all pieces are designed and produced on an ongoing basis. 

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