DinoCat Studio

Hannah Gebhart, a paper artist and printmaker based in Des Moines, Iowa, crafts tactile artwork through printmaking and quilling, blending traditional techniques with a fluid, painterly approach.

DinoCat Studio

Edition 4 Feature
Words by: Hannah Gebhart 
Location: Des Moines, Iowa, USA 
Photo Credit: ¬©Hannah Gebhart 

I am a paper artist and printmaker who thrives on the tactile process of creating artwork, carving scenes out of wood and linoleum blocks and building up images using paper. What began as a hobby to infuse my life with more creativity has turned into an exploration of what can be done with simple tools, accessible materials and a desire to create meaningful work for others to enjoy. 

Although my background as a graphic designer plays an influential role in my creative process, I favour the hands-on process of paper art and printmaking. Working with my hands to create something out of raw materials has always fascinated me. Even now, I constantly challenge myself to try different techniques, methods and subject matter to ensure that my design style continues to evolve and grow. 

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