WoodenGold | WAM CAST #0003

WoodenGold | WAM CAST #0003

The postcast content and the Podcast playWe took a trip to visit Stephen Cichocki at his workspace within the Sustainable Studios in Cardiff, Wales to have a long-form conversation about his business and what it's like to be a small business.

Thank you also to Stephen's wife Lisa for cooking us dinner that night - it was a lovely end to our day!


“All my life I have been a maker, from using glue and matchsticks when I was a kid to carving stone for my degree in sculpture.

I have always had a desire to make things with great value, that would be greatly appreciated and stand the test of time and would even one day become a family heirloom.

Everything is so cheaply produced these days that it takes the value out of things

Jewellery has always been produced to commemorate a moment; the reign of a new king or queen, coming of age, a marriage, anniversary or birthday, the piece is made to remember and to celebrate. That’s why I love getting to know my customers and hearing their stories, because you get to share their special moments with them and even be a little part of that."

This video podcast was filmed in Stephen's workspace with the Sustainable Studios: https://www.thesustainablestudio.com/

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