Bert The Potter | WAM CAST #0002

Bert The Potter | WAM CAST #0002

We took a trip to visit Bert Jones at his home and workspace to have a long-form conversation about his business and what it's like to be a small business.

Bert is currently a Doctoral Research Associate at Cardiff School of Art and Design, undertaking practice led PhD research that explores fine arts relationship with functional objects and pottery as a form of abstract sculpture.

He graduated from CSAD’s Artist Designer: Maker program in 2018 and from their Master of Research in Art & Design program in 2019. Making functional pots and one off artefacts remains at the centre of his practice and research. He strives to be a better crafts-person and learn more about the art form that his life revolves around.

This video podcast was filmed in his work shed that is attached to his home in Newport, Wales.

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