Welcome to Episode 40 of the We Are Makers Podcast! In this episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Odin Clack, the founder of Odin Leather Goods, a renowned brand in the world of handmade leather goods.

In 2012, Odin Clack began his journey by experimenting with making a simple laptop sleeve on his dining room table. What started as a curiosity soon transformed into a thriving business, ultimately becoming the beloved Odin Leather Goods brand. Driven by a commitment to simplicity and functionality, their handmade leather goods, including belts, wallets, bags, and pouches, embody a classic American style. Proudly made in the USA with locally sourced materials, their products are durable for travel and perfect for everyday use. Their success led to a move from a two-car garage workshop to a spacious 1500 sqft workshop in Coppell, TX, allowing them to further elevate the quality of their creations. Additionally, they defied the odds by opening a retail store in March 2020, solidifying their reputation as producers of some of the finest leather goods available.

Join us in this enlightening conversation as we delve into Odin's inspiring journey, from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the world of handmade leather goods. Gain insights into the creative process behind their products and discover the secrets to their success as a brand. Whether you're a fellow maker, a fan of quality craftsmanship, or simply interested in the entrepreneurial spirit, this episode is a must-listen.

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