Welcome to Episode 42 of the We Are Makers Podcast! In this episode, we had the incredible opportunity to spend an entire day with Alisha Koppert, a talented ceramicist hailing from Waco, TX.

Alisha's journey with clay began in her early memories, as she and her brother would venture down to the river, finding sticky lumps of red earth to mold into cherished bowls. That first firing in a brick oven her brother built marked the beginning of Alisha's lifelong passion for pottery.

During our time together, Alisha generously shared her expertise with Kate, our host, teaching her how to create ceramic mugs on her beloved kick wheels. It was a hands-on experience that highlighted the tactile and unpredictable nature of the pottery process.

Alisha's style is ever-evolving, fueled by her desire to live simply and wholeheartedly. Her work speaks volumes, adding a sense of peace and rhythm to everyday life. Mixing her own glazes and firing her creations in a local community studio, Alisha embraces the artistry and the therapeutic aspect of working with clay.

In this episode, Alisha takes us on a journey into the world of ceramics, sharing insights into her creative process, her inspirations, and the profound connection she feels with the clay. Join us as we explore the beauty and intricacies of pottery, guided by Alisha's expertise and passion.

Thank you for joining us on the We Are Makers Podcast, and a special thank you to Alisha Koppert for opening her studio and sharing her craft with us. Be sure to visit Alisha's about page for more information on her journey and artistic philosophy.

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