Welcome to Episode 48 of our We are Makers podcast! In this episode, we sit down with Weldon Lister, a world-renowned third-generation Master Engraver, and the creative mind behind Weldon Lister Engraving and more recently, American Scroll. Join us as we delve into Weldon's extraordinary journey, his passion for engraving, and the artistry that defines his work.

From a young age, Weldon was captivated by the art of engraving. Under the guidance of his father, Big Bill Lister, himself an accomplished engraver, Weldon began his apprenticeship at the age of seventeen. He honed his craft with dedication and commitment, mastering the techniques of hammer and chisel embellishment. Today, Weldon resides in the Texas Hill Country, where he continues to create stunning designs, both on firearms and in other mediums.

American Scroll, founded by Weldon Lister and his son Billy Lister, draws its name from a historic style of scrollwork popularized in the 1800s, predominantly seen on firearms. The company pays homage to this rich tradition by incorporating elements of the American scroll style into their apparel graphics. As a family-owned, made-in-Texas company, American Scroll takes pride in producing all their graphic tees in-house, ensuring exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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