I Nearly Quit, Right before it got good with Laura Sheriffs of Fernweh UK | WAM CAST #0051

I Nearly Quit, Right before it got good with Laura Sheriffs of Fernweh UK | WAM CAST #0051

Welcome to Episode 51 of our We Are Makers podcast! In this episode, Jack and Kate are back in the UK, specifically in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where they sit down with Laura Sherriffs, the owner and operator of Fernweh UK. Fernweh UK is known for its high-quality, purpose-driven goods for the modern-day explorer.

Laura's passion for adventure and exploring off the beaten path, particularly in the Scottish landscape and the Cairngorms, serves as the driving force behind Fernweh. With this inspiration, Laura creates handmade products that infuse a sense of adventure into everyday life.

The journey of Fernweh began when Laura, a graduate of Grays School of Art with a degree in Fashion Design, found herself at a crossroads in life. Amidst this uncertainty, she discovered her love for rock climbing. While missing the creative aspect of her life, Laura decided to make her own chalk bag using waxed canvas, deviating from the mass-produced polyester designs available in the market. The positive feedback and requests she received propelled her to establish Fernweh through an online store.

Fernweh was born out of Laura's desire to create artisan products of exceptional quality for adventurers and explorers. From bags to knitted hats and various accessories, Laura draws inspiration from the Scottish wilderness and the breathtaking landscapes that surround her. Her goal is to inspire customers to embrace the outdoors and embark on their own explorations.

Laura believes in responsible stewardship of the land, and sustainability is at the core of Fernweh's values. By prioritizing longevity, utilizing traditional and quality fabrics, and minimizing waste, Fernweh strives to create ethical products that stand the test of time. Each Fernweh piece is meticulously handcrafted by Laura herself in her studio in Aberdeen, ensuring the utmost care and attention to detail.

Join Jack, Kate, and Laura as they delve into the world of Fernweh UK, its commitment to sustainability, and the remarkable journey of an entrepreneur driven by a passion for adventure and a love for Scotland's natural beauty.

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