The Last Great Appalachian Potter? | WAM CAST #0054 - J.R. Cooper Pottery

The Last Great Appalachian Potter? | WAM CAST #0054 - J.R. Cooper Pottery

Welcome to episode 54 of the We Are Maker Podcast. In this episode, we travel to the charming town of Canton, Georgia, to sit down with a true living legend, J.R. Cooper.

J.R. Cooper is no ordinary potter – he's the last remaining link to a lineage started by the renowned Appalachian potter, Mr. Gordy. At the age of just 14, J.R. became an apprentice to Mr. Gordy, immersing himself in the world of clay, kilns, and creativity. But his path took an unexpected turn when duty called, and he enlisted in the military during the Vietnam War.

After his return, J.R. Cooper found himself in a series of unfulfilling jobs that failed to satisfy his artistic spirit. However, the call of pottery was too strong to resist, and he eventually returned to the craft that had captured his heart years before.

In this captivating episode, Kate and Jack delve into J.R. Cooper's life story, tracing his journey from a young apprentice to a seasoned artist. With a blend of heartwarming anecdotes and profound insights, they explore how the world of pottery shaped his experiences, both in times of peace and in the throes of war.

Discover the resilience, passion, and dedication that define J.R. Cooper's remarkable story. Tune in to "We Are Makers" as we celebrate the artistry that weaves through generations and the profound impact it has on individuals and their communities. Get ready to be inspired by the hands that create, the stories that endure, and the beauty that emerges from the hands of a master potter.

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