How acrylic fusion, hard work, and creative thinking built this family business | WAMCAST #0061

How acrylic fusion, hard work, and creative thinking built this family business | WAMCAST #0061

Join us for another inspiring episode of the We Are Makers Podcast, where Kate and I sit down with the dynamic duo, Craig and Alison Black!

In this episode, we delve deep into the fascinating world of Craig Black, a renowned visual artist whose work has captivated admirers worldwide. We explore the incredible journey of turning his passion into a thriving family business, Studio Craig Black, with his wife Alison Black as the Managing Director.

Craig Black specializes in bespoke artwork, installations, and live performance art. His commitment to creating exciting and engaging visuals while preserving originality is at the core of all his endeavors. His signature technique, "Acrylic Fusion," involves hand-pouring layers of acrylic paint to produce unique and mesmerizing effects. Loved by brands, galleries, and art collectors alike, this technique has opened doors to incredible collaborations.

From crafting bespoke football artworks with FIFA to iconic basketballs with Wilson and the NBA, Craig has left his mark on the sports world. His storytelling skills have also shone through collaborations with UEFA, iconic window displays for Vans, stunning packaging for Mucho, and transforming a unique speaker system with Wisdom Audio. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind custom bike frame he designed for Ribble Cycles.

Craig's adaptability extends beyond the studio, where he refines and hones his pieces, to the electrifying world of live performance art. Audiences witness Craig's interaction with his creations in real-time, adding a whole new dimension to his artistic journey. Alison Talks us through the relationships that she has cultivated for Studio Craig Black and the leaps of faith they had to take as a family for their business to thrive.

In this episode, we'll discover Craig and Alison careful approach to choosing collaboration partners that align with his unique style and ethos, ensuring each project stands out as an individual masterpiece.

His work has graced prestigious exhibitions from London and New York to Sydney and Dubai, and he is a sought-after speaker on the global creative circuit, sharing his inspirational journey at conferences and events worldwide. All of this only made possible by Craig and Alisons relentless work ethic.

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