Lets chat Shipping for Makers, With EBISS the shipping expert | WAMCAST #0062

Lets chat Shipping for Makers, With EBISS the shipping expert | WAMCAST #0062

Welcome back to the We Are Makers Podcast! In this exciting episode, We sit down with a true shipping and business development expert, Rhonda, from Ebiss UK. If you're a maker, creator, or entrepreneur, this one's for you!

Ever wondered how to ensure your handcrafted masterpieces reach their destination in perfect condition? Curious about the inner workings of a company that's making waves in the maker community? Look no further! Rhonda spills the beans on all things shipping, giving you invaluable insights and tips to safeguard your creations.

Ebiss UK isn't your typical shipping company – they're deeply embedded in the maker community, offering tailored solutions to help your work get from point A to B seamlessly. Rhonda shares stories of their work, from collaborating with makers to supporting their creative endeavors.

Whether you're a seasoned maker looking to streamline your shipping process or a newbie seeking guidance on sending your creations worldwide, this episode has something for everyone. Join us as we explore the intricate world of shipping, business development, and community-building with Rhonda and the passionate team at Ebiss UK.

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