The traveling blacksmith, Jack Waygood | WAMCAST #0063

The traveling blacksmith, Jack Waygood | WAMCAST #0063

Welcome back, Makers! In this captivating episode of the We Are Makers Podcast, join us as we sit down in the enchanting city of Edinburgh with the incredibly talented blacksmith, Jack Waygood.

Meet Jack, a passionate blacksmith whose journey in the world of metalworking has taken him on a thrilling adventure across continents. Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Manchester, Jack embarked on a quest to master the art of blacksmithing. His quest led him to the heart of craftsmanship in Italy, the refined forges of Sweden, and the traditional workshops of Japan.

In this episode, Jack shares his incredible story of leaving his hometown to study blacksmithing, detailing the fascinating experiences he gathered during his extensive travels. We delve deep into his experiences, exploring the diverse techniques and traditions he encountered along the way.

But that's not all! Jack's tale takes an exciting turn as he settles in the historic city of Edinburgh, where he continues to hone his craft and inspire fellow makers. His recent collaboration with the BBC for the upcoming Make It at Market series adds an exciting chapter to his journey. Join us as we uncover behind-the-scenes stories of his filming adventures and get a sneak peek into what to expect from this exciting series.

Don't miss this episode filled with passion, creativity, and the artistry of blacksmithing. Whether you're a seasoned maker or simply curious about the world of craftsmanship, Jack's story is bound to leave you inspired and awestruck.

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