Equilibrium Cycle Works

Vladimir Balahovsky, a solo bicycle frame builder based in Tokyo, Japan, found his passion in steel frames during his time in London. His brand, Equilibrium Cycle Works, reflects a commitment to balance and joy. Vladimir's journey into frame building was nurtured by mentor Mr. Ohtaki.

Equilibrium Cycle Works

Edition Four Feature
Words by: Vladimir Balahovsky 
Location: Tokyo, Japan 
Photo Credits: ©Katsumi Hirabayashi @katsumi_hirabayashi 

I’m Vladimir Balahovsky, a solo bicycle frame builder. Born in a small Latvian village, I am now based in Tokyo, Japan. My brand is called Equilibrium Cycle Works as a constant reminder to always remember why I’m here. Equilibrium is a state of balance when two opposing parts merge into one, bringing unconditional happiness and the joy of living. It’s directly related to what I’m going through and the kind of experience I’d like to share. I build frames because I enjoy every moment of the process; I never rush to finish a frame just to see the final result. 

My journey started very unexpectedly, once upon a time in London. All of a sudden, I noticed gorgeous slim steel frames on the streets. Very soon after this, I bought an old Raleigh made from Reynolds 531, a particular brand of steel tubing. I didn’t have experience with racing bikes and was surprised that the Raleigh pushed me to the edge all the time. I discovered new horizons with my new steel friend that never let me down. 

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