Exploring Nashville: Our Podcast Tour Week 2 Highlights

Exploring Nashville: Our Podcast Tour Week 2 Highlights

We excitedly travelled to Nashville to stay at the amazing Gallatin Hotel located in East Nashville. We were so thankful to them for sponsoring our stay here in Nashville. We shared their mission and they helped us with ours!

Our first podcast in Nashville was with Micah Lachar, the owner of The Russell and Gallatin Hotel, two unique hotel properties that offer housing to individuals experiencing homelessness in Nashville. Micah shared his inspiring story of how he founded these hotels and his vision for the future. We were impressed by Micah's passion and commitment to this project and we hope to see more businesses follow his lead. If you are ever in Nashville, we recommend staying in either of these hotels. They are comfortable, stylish and provide a good nights sleep!

The Gallatin Hotel

“We had an out-there idea when we started The Gallatin: give the majority of the profits to local causes. So you can rest easy knowing that choosing The Gallatin means choosing to support the Nashville community”

On our second day in Nashville, we took a day trip to Cookeville to visit CrossFit Mayhem and Buffalo Brew (we both do CrossFit and so this was a fun outing!) CrossFit Mayhem is the training center of four-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning, and we were amazed by the energy and dedication of the athletes there. Buffalo Brew is a small-batch coffee roaster that offers delicious and unique blends, and we were delighted to try some of their creations. On the way back to Nashville, we also stopped by a Bass Pro Shop and marveled at the variety of outdoor gear and gadgets.

Our next podcast was with Dru and Ross at Honeytree Meadery, a local mead brewery that offers a wide selection of meads and a lively atmosphere. We learned about the history and process of mead-making, and we also heard the story of how Honeytree Meadery was founded and grew into a thriving business. We enjoyed some delicious meads and met some friendly locals who shared their love for this unique beverage. Listen to our podcast with Dru and Ross here!

Join in on our inspiring conversation with Lindsay Sheets, the owner of Red Rock Tileworks, as she takes us through the creative process behind her handcrafted tiles that she creates with her small team. Our two-part podcast series takes you from her workshop in Nashville to her sister company, Haustile in Kentucky, where we explore the manufacturing process on a larger scale.

Discover the story of how Lindsay turned her passion for creating beautiful tiles into a thriving business. In the podcast, Lindsay shares her journey from starting Red Rock Tileworks to running Haustile with her business partner. Listen here!

Our final podcast in Nashville was with Old School Farm Pottery, a community-centered pottery studio that recently finished renovation works and moved to a new space in Nashville. Old School Farm is a non-profit organization offering meaningful employment and opportunities for people of all abilities and backgrounds through art, agriculture, and education. They offer a wide variety of courses, classes, date-nights, events, private parties and corporate events. We were inspired by their vision and creativity. Thanks to them for giving us a quick try of the wheels!