Artistry of Master Engraver Weldon Lister in Boerne, Texas

Artistry of Master Engraver Weldon Lister in Boerne, Texas

Our second last American podcast lead us to master engraver Weldon Lister, thanks to our friend Ben Giesler's introduction. Our destination was the charming town of Boerne, Texas, where Weldon resides with his wonderful family. The hospitality they extended to us made our stay all the more memorable.

Our first encounter with Weldon and his wife Toni took place at the delightful Dienger Trading Co, a quintessential Texas hill country café. Over a delicious breakfast, we chatted away about our last 33 days in the south and all about our mission with We Are Makers. Eager to explore the town, after breakfast we had a leisurely stroll and enjoyed the lovely spring weather and the quaint surroundings.

Weldon and Toni graciously acted as our guide, taking us on a scenic drive through the area. Our next destination was Luckenbach, a place infused with history and rustic charm. Under the shade of ancient oak trees, we enjoyed a refreshing drink with in live music. We couldn't help but imagine the fun of dancing in the historic dance hall, which remains alive with activity every weekend ( we were gutted that we didn’t have enough time to enjoy this experience…but there is always next time!) Beyond his engraving expertise, Weldon also impressed us with his venture, American Scroll. Through this brand, he channels his passion for intricate engravings into stunning, high-end apparel. It was awesome to discover that his creations are now available at Luckenbach. Collaborating with his son Billy, Weldon aspires to establish American Scroll as a renowned lifestyle brand.

After a day filled with exploration, Weldon and Toni treated us to an unforgettable Texas BBQ experience. As the day drew to a close, we were invited to their friend's house, perched on top of a hill, where we witnessed a stunning sunset. It was a remarkable day, where we made lasting memories , and all this occurred before we even recorded the podcast!

We value the opportunity to get to know our guests on a personal level before delving into their stories on the podcast. Establishing genuine connections allows us to authentically represent the talented makers we encounter. The following morning, fuelled by coffee we began the day bright and early at our beautiful Airbnb in Boerne. We hoped over back to Weldon’s home to settle in for an engaging podcast session, capturing Weldon's remarkable journey and expertise.

To add a touch of fun and creativity to our time together, we done an Instagram live session, where we combined the We Are Makers with an American Scroll design live on camera to our community. This collaborative endeavour served as a lovely memento. Our time with Weldon Lister was not just an exploration of his masterful engraving but also a insight into the warmth and beauty of the Texas hill country. The connections we formed and the experiences we shared were truly memorable, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have met such a talented and genuine individual.