Falling in love with old looms and coming home | WAMCAST #0073

Join us as Sam Goats of Woven in the Bone shares her journey from commercial textile design to mastering ancient looms in Scotland, crafting exquisite fabrics for Savile Row's elite.

Falling in love with old looms and coming home | WAMCAST #0073

Welcome to Episode 72 of the We Are Makers Podcast, We dive into the fascinating world of traditional and contemporary craftsmanship. This week, we're thrilled to sit down with the remarkable Sam Goats, the creative force behind Woven in the Bone, a weaving studio nestled in a 76-year-old shed that breathes history and artistry.

Sam's journey is as rich and textured as the fabrics she creates on her three looms, dating from the early 1900s. These historical pieces are more than just tools; they're the heart of Woven in the Bone, where Sam crafts exquisite textiles for prestigious clients, including Savile Row's finest tailors and cutters.

With a foundation in textile design from Scotland, Sam ventured to Australia, where she became a well-established name in the commercial textile industry for 30 years. However, life's twists and turns brought her back to Scotland, transitioning from a trainer and consultant for textile artists and companies to discovering her passion for treble looms.

In this episode, Sam shares her incredible journey from the commercial world to finding her true calling in the traditional art of weaving. Her story is a testament to the power of passion, the importance of heritage, and the beauty of creating something tangible that connects the past with the present.

Join us as we explore Sam's world at Woven in the Bone, discover the magic of her looms, and get inspired by the dedication and love poured into every thread. Whether you're a textile enthusiast, a maker at heart, or someone who appreciates the beauty of handcrafted art, this episode is woven just for you.

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