FiftyOne Bikes

FiftyOne Bikes, based in Dublin, crafts bespoke carbon road bikes, blending traditional frame building with modern materials. Each build is uniquely tailored, reviving the art of creation.

FiftyOne Bikes

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Aidan Duff
Location: Dublin, Ireland.
Photo Credit: ©Fifty One Bikes

We are FiftyOne Bikes. Based in Dublin, Ireland, we create custom carbon road bikes. We started working on the concept in 2014 and began trading in 2016. Our goal was to bring back traditional frame building methods but combine them with all modern materials and technologies. 

We bought an old frame building workshop in Germany and transported it back to Dublin. While it had once housed steel frames, we chose carbon fibre for its strength-to-weight ratio and set about refining our craft. 

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