Giselle Dekel

Giselle Dekel, a freelance illustrator based in Israel, shares her creative journey from textile design to illustration, finding joy in crafting daily illustrations, and embracing independence.

Giselle Dekel

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Giselle Dekel
Location: Israel
Photo Credits: © Nikki Sovik / ©Giselle Dekel

I currently make illustrations and try to create a new one every day. I studied textile design and used to design patterns, which I still do every once in a while. A few years ago something shifted in me; I started to experiment with different mediums and materials and kind of fell into the world of illustration, and I’m loving it. My cute little studio was a lovely little room in our apartment, which is now the room of our cute little baby girl, so I’m currently working out of our living room. 

About 10 years ago, I moved to Israel to study textile design. I wasn’t planning to stay, but it felt like home, so here I am. I was born in Vienna, Austria, but grew up in Antwerp, Belgium. I still feel that the European in me hasn’t fully adapted – physically and emotionally – to the Mediterranean heat and probably never will. But that’s okay, I escape to the Austrian mountains to cool off whenever I have the chance. 

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