Going round in circles?

Are you going in circles? If you answered yes, you are wrong. and here is why:

Going round in circles?

Here is a recap of our first newsletter of 2024. and it's a banger! 

Do you see it? 



Many of us may come to this time of year, either the tail end of last or the start of this, and feel we are exactly where we were last year. Going round in a circle. I know I do, almost every year (or month as I'm a bit of an obsessive and track month on month) Then undoubtably the negative thoughts creep in "what am I doing", "is it worth it", "am I seen", "(insert crippling thought here)".

However, you are not going round in circles. You are just looking at it wrong. For what is a circle but a planometric (top down / Birds Eye view spiral)? After all we are 3 dimensional, not 2 dimensional creatures. 

So it is on you to take top down 2d going round in circles view and transpose it to an isometric (3d view) where you can see your progress! because you have made some, that I know!

Further thinking:
The pitch of the spiral (distance between each consecutive spiral) is a stack of the things you have accomplished in the past year (or again if you're an obsessive like me) month. For those of you that were here for last month's newsletter with our "Jar of done" this pitch is directly set by that Jar of done! 

The Steeper the pitch (more course if your talking thread pitches), *cough* engineering nerd *cough*, The more you have "achieved" i.e. the more distance between you and where you where last year. 

So how do you spread this pitch further to steepen your rate of incline? Well I believe there is two ways to do this

1 - Knowledge. The more knowledge you accumulate the steeper the pitch. be it by reading, podcast (We Are Makers podcast ;) ), YouTube , documentaries or good old fashion conversations.

2 - Goal setting and achieving. This is where that jar or done comes into play and good overreaching goal setting. Yes, I said overreaching. I personally don't think it's a bad thing. It is better to fall 10km short of a 100km race than complete a 20km race. The more you get done is simple that, more done! This is where the Jar of done is a beautiful experiment throughout the year. If you want a recap on the Jar of done Click Here.

Here is something I put together to better explain:

In Summary, you are not going round in circles. The fact you are reading this is proof. You are accumulating knowledge, therefore you cannot possibly be going in circles as you have added knowledge and goals and by doing so heightened your spiral.