Hannah Nunn

Explore the vibrant journey of artist Hannah Gunn, from art college to crafting mesmerizing lamps and expanding into surface patterns, wallpapers, and more.

Hannah Nunn

Edition 3 Feature
Words by: Hannah Nunn
Location: Hebden Bridge, UK 
Photo Credits: ©Sarah Mason, @sarahmasonphotouk

I‚Äôm not sure if it is down to nature or nurture, but I have always been bursting with creative energy. My mum and dad learned pretty soon that giving me the space, the materials and the encouragement was the way to channel it. I was a bright thing, waking early, ready to go each day, and my active imagination, although good for creative play, also made me a bit of a worrier. So, having this thing that they could nurture in me worked out well for everyone. 

It was kind of obvious that I‚Äôd go to art college, but I couldn‚Äôt settle on a specialism. Would it be ceramics, illustration, surface pattern or product design? I just needed a place where I could do everything, so I opted for a multidisciplinary crafts course in Carmarthen, South Wales, in the UK. It meant a move from the city of Leeds to the heart of the countryside. 

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