Hazel Glass

Hazel Glass transforms paper-cutting into intricate bas-relief sculptures, exploring vibrant palettes. Her art, a therapeutic meditation, spans fairy-tales, landscapes, and nature-inspired designs.

Hazel Glass

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Hazel Glass
Location: Portland, Oregan, USA
Photo Credits: ©Hazel Glass

While most paper cut art is either black or white and often made of a single sheet, my work pushes those boundaries. Instead, I build with multiple layers, creating interwoven contrasts and strata of depth with my designs. 

All of my art begins life as a hand-cut original. Using an X-ACTO blade, I hand cut each intricate layer separately, building them up from a 2D drawing into bas-relief sculptures. Of equal importance is my use of the full spectrum of colour. Whether the palette is vibrant or subdued, it is an integral part of my work. And while the design is what my art is saying, colour is the tone of voice through which each piece speaks. 

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