Hollie Cooper

Meet Hollie Cooper, a passionate 23-year-old ceramicist from Lancashire, UK, specializing in homeware inspired by a love for animals and plants, with a focus on marbling techniques and innovation.

Hollie Cooper

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Hollie Cooper
Location: Preston, UK
Photo Credit: ¬©Mollie Morgan @rosebetweentwolenses 

I‚Äôm Hollie Cooper, a 23-year-old ceramicist based in Lancashire, UK. I have a huge passion for animals (mostly dogs) and I‚Äôm just a little bit enthusiastic about plants ‚Äď you can never have enough. 

I specialise in ceramic homeware, ranging from planters and decorative items to tableware and lighting. I first discovered the world of clay when I studied a foundation diploma in my hometown of Chorley, Lancashire, which involved rotations including wood, textiles, graphics, fine art and, of course, ceramics. I took to ceramics straight away and went on to develop my first mini-collection of homeware pieces, made using the technique of marbling, in black and white porcelain finished with accents of gold lustre. 

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