Hooked by a Fin

Rebecca Finbow, the creative force behind Hooked by a Fin in Suffolk, UK. Overcoming personal challenges, she finds solace and purpose in crafting original designs, specializing in whimsical animal-inspired bonnets that spread joy and spark imaginations.

Hooked by a Fin

Edition Four Feature
Words by: Rebecca Finbow 
Location: Suffolk, UK 

Founded in 2018, Hooked by a Fin is owned by me, Rebecca Finbow ‚Äď although everyone calls me Becks. I first picked up a crochet hook on Christmas Day 2017, after being inspired by my mother and sister-in-law. They had both made items for my young children, and I felt compelled to learn so that I could make something for them to cherish too. 

I had suffered from depression and anxiety for many years and learning to crochet helped me to navigate my way through my head space. It gave my mind and my hands something to focus on. After only a couple of months, I found myself making items for friends and family. This had a ripple effect, leading to the launch of Hooked by a Fin just six months after I‚Äôd picked up a crochet hook for the first time. 

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