Ion Art's Neon Extravaganza in Austin

Ion Art's Neon Extravaganza in Austin

Jack and I were excited to meet Ion Art whilst we were in Austin. We were lucky to meet the two Owners Shanon and Greg Keshishian at their exhibition that was on called the Surreal Garden. Their art illuminated the Zilker Botanical Garden at night. It is an annual interactive art experience full of fantastical neon sculptures created by Sharon & Greg Keshishian and the Ion Art Team. This was our podcasting location, and we were quite excited to test Nomono’s kit outdoors.

Our podcast recording took place in front of a picturesque waterfall within the garden, adorned with one of Ion Art's stunning neon pieces. The combination of the flowing water and vibrant neon created a captivating backdrop for our conversation. As we spoke with Shanon and Greg, their passion for their craft and the stories behind their nearly 40 years of experience in the field were truly fascinating.

After the podcast, we had the privilege of visiting Ion Art's workshop—an awe-inspiring space filled with state-of-the-art equipment and tools dedicated to the creation of neon art. The workshop was bustling with the talented team behind Ion Art, and witnessing their expertise and dedication firsthand was inspiring. Shanon and Greg graciously guided us through the workshop, providing valuable insights into the neon-making process and the collaborative effort that brings Ion Art's vision to life.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Shanon and Greg for taking the time to meet with us amidst their busy exhibition schedule. Their warmth and generosity were evident as they shared their art and stories with us. As a special coincidence, it was my (Kate’s) 30th birthday on the evening of our visit to the Surreal Garden, making the experience even more memorable and meaningful.

We are grateful for the opportunity to witness their work both in the tranquil beauty of the Zilker Botanical Garden and within the vibrant atmosphere of their workshop. Ion Art's commitment to illuminating the world with their art is truly inspiring, and we encourage all art enthusiasts to seek out their mesmerizing exhibitions in Austin. If you find yourself in Austin, we highly recommend following Ion Art to stay updated on their future events and exhibitions.