Embrace Your Voice.

Explore the transformative journey of embracing personal branding, breaking free from overthinking, and connecting authentically online. Uncover valuable insights and practical tips for building a genuine, engaging online presence."

Embrace Your Voice.

Overcome Overthinking for Authentic Online Engagement:
This post is inspired by Amelia Sordell

Just Post it.

Lately, I've been working on overcoming my struggles with 'overthinking' and embracing the concept of 'personal branding.'

"Personal branding often gets a bad rap because it's misconstrued as an ego-driven activity. However, that's not the case." - Amelia Sordell.

I'm sure many of you can relate to the constant 'what ifs.' Have you ever found yourself staring at your social media, unsure of what to post, and then deciding not to post anything at all? Waiting for the perfect moment because what you have to share isn't flawless? Perhaps avoiding showing your face on your platform? (I've noticed that it does make a difference in engagement – give it a try and see!)

Well, overthinking is a challenge I face too.

Recently, while scrolling through LinkedIn (a platform often overlooked), I came across a post by Amelia Sordell. I appreciate her insights into personal branding, a topic Jack and I have focused on in the past year. We decided to step out from behind the veil of our brand logo, showing the world who we are and that we are the driving force behind our We Are Makers mission. Honestly, it's the best decision we've made.

Amelia's advice in her post was simple: Just post it.

  • Take out your phone.
  • Open the LinkedIn app (or whatever socials you use)
  • Write about one thing on your mind.
  • Just post it.

Why wait for the perfect moment? We all have valuable content on our minds that our community would love to hear. Had a bad day? Someone else might have too, and they'll appreciate your honesty. Had a great day? Share it – someone will be cheering you on. Through our interactions with makers, we've observed that those who share their day-to-day thoughts get higher engagement.

I love logging onto Instagram and seeing stories from makers like Briony Machin or Jo Hobbs. They share their daily lives, creating simple yet engaging content. We all have so much to share, so don't wait for the "right" moment, because it never really arrives. YOU have something to share – use your socials, make it fun, not stressful. The only one making it stressful is you.

Watch your engagement grow, but give it time, it doesn't happen over night, it needs consistency. To allow consistency, let's not overthink what we post. Jack and I made a significant shift from hiding behind our business name to putting ourselves out there. People connect with people, and they love seeing the faces behind the craft. So, give it a shot. Let's show people the incredible humans behind the business – share the good, the bad, and everything in between.

I hope this resonates with someone out there, let me know.

Founder @ We Are Makers