Kate Gwilliam

Kate Gwilliam, a UK-based designer and maker, brings sparkle to the mundane through fantastical embroideries. From everyday items to sparkling art, her creations blend whimsy with intricate craftsmanship.

Kate Gwilliam

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Kate Gwilliam
Location: Welwyn Garden City, UK
Photo Credit: ©Kate Gwilliam

I am a designer, maker, embroidery joy creator. I work from home, currently taking over my parents‚Äô spare room (and most of the other rooms in the house) to accommodate my ever-expanding collection of fabrics, sequins, vintage trims, frames, vintage trinkets and anything else that catches my eye. 

I design and create fantastical, sparkly embroideries, usually based on the most mundane things in life. I aim to recreate the most everyday objects, from embroidered erasers to sparkly gin bottles. This year, I have also focused on recreating some of the signs that we see everywhere as sparkling works of art. 

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