Land & She

Philadelphia-based artist Emily Kelley, operating from a modest studio, combines block printing and illustration to craft intentional, small-batch creations. Her slow process fosters a deeper connection from studio to home.

Land & She

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Emily Kelley 
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Photo Credits: ¬©Emily Kelley 

I am primarily a block printer and illustrator. I work as a one-woman shop out of my studio apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I don‚Äôt have a glamorous studio space, but I work in small batches and make intentional work. My process is sometimes slow, but I believe it creates a greater connection from my studio and into your home. 

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. Philly is a scrappy city that believes in compassion, hard work and lifting one another up. It‚Äôs hard to understand Philly unless you are from here. I have yet to find another place that feels like home quite like this city does. 

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