Laura M Designs

Laura Macfarlane, founder of Laura M Designs, merges intricate paper cutting with illustration, influenced by her time in Helsinki. Based in Glasgow, she crafts bespoke pieces, capturing moments and milestones, from wedding stationery to window installations. Laura's work embodies Scandi simplicity.

Laura M Designs

Edition Two Feature (March 2021)
Words by: Laura Macfarlane
Location: Glasgow, UK 
Photo Credit: ©Laura Macfarlane

I‚Äôm Laura, the founder and creator of Laura M Designs, which I started back in 2014, while in my final year of graphic design studies at university. I began with a wedding piece that was A1 in size, so getting the design and composition right was quite a steep learning curve. 

I spent part of my degree living and studying in Helsinki, Finland. It was here that I fell in love with all things Scandinavian, perhaps most importantly the design principles that influence Scandi style, including beauty in simplicity. I think this period spent living in Scandinavia has had a profound impact on my life in many ways ‚Äď indeed, in many more ways than I could have imagined at the time. My work, which primarily uses paper cutting, isn‚Äôt always straightforward in design. It‚Äôs often very intricate, with lots of details, but I love that you can make something completely different from such a simple, commonplace material. 

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