Lazykate Textiles

Cathy, Jessamy, and Sofia in Liverpool weave tales of spinning, dyeing, and building the Lazykate Textiles School.

Lazykate Textiles

Edition 3 Feature
Words by: Cathy Wright, Jessamy Wright and Sofia Khan 
Location: Liverpool, UK 
Photo Credit: ¬©Jo Rutherford Photography @jorutherfordfineart / ¬©Lazykate Textiles 

My name is Cathy Wright and I live in Liverpool, and in 2004 I learned to spin yarn. As an embroiderer, I wanted to create my own thread for tapestries, and I thought that if I could spin and dye my own yarn, I‚Äôd be able to create an original piece in its entirety. 

I learned from Carolyn Rawlinson, a spinner in the Lake District, on a day course with my mum and a friend ‚Äď what a privilege! Carolyn was part of the Wool Clip, which went on to launch Woolfest, one of the most successful fibre festivals in the UK. I fell in love with spinning immediately. The feeling of utter peace and calm that comes from the repetitive nature of spinning cannot be overstated. It is a wonderful craft. 

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