Little Brummie

Little Brummie in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A multidisciplinary creator, she crafts functional art for homes with a focus on surface pattern design. From tufted rugs to whimsical coasters, Victoria's handcrafted pieces bring color, texture, and unexpected charm into living spaces.

Little Brummie

Edition 3 Feature (September 2021)
Words by: Victoria Brumwell 
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
Photo Credit: ¬©Matt Williams @koy.ote 

My name is Victoria Brumwell. I am a multidisciplinary visual artist and maker, and the founder and one-woman producer behind my brand, Little Brummie. I make functional art for the home that is focused on surface pattern design, and most of my work is textile-based. I make tea towels, prints, tufted rugs, tufted wall hangings, coasters and pillows. I use methods such as tufting, screen printing, block printing and painting, and I make everything by hand. 

I love pattern and bright, saturated colours. I often incorporate organic forms that are abstracted from nature and simplified into blocks of colour in my designs. My work is pretty light-hearted: I make egg coasters, monstera wall hangings, plant and fruit wall hangings and slug rugs, among other things. I want to bring whimsy, texture and unexpected objects into people‚Äôs homes. Currently, I work from a home studio in my apartment. 

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