Little Dottie Designs

he journey of Little Dottie Designs, where Rebecca Mack crafts a mindful collection of children's wear and accessories. Rooted in slow living and childhood values, each piece is handmade with care, designed to grow with children, and foster a sense of timeless style.

Little Dottie Designs

(Now Dottie Maie)

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Rebecca Mack
Location: Norwich, UK
Photo Credits: ¬©Salsabil Morrison @salsabilmorrisonphotography 

I make a collection of children‚Äôs wear and accessories, creating a capsule wardrobe for little ones that is beautiful yet practical too. The collection combines the core values behind the brand: slow living and childhood. 

I have created mindfully made pieces that are designed to grow with children and be handed down to future generations. Through its use of neutral colours and timeless designs, the collection enables the mixing and matching of signature pieces to be worn every day and anywhere. 

To minimise waste and in a bid to tackle fast fashion, pieces are made to order. From the moment the fabric is cut to the last seam being sewn, I make every piece by hand with care. 

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