Marcela Luna

Visual artist Nekane Jiménez Fernández, based in Villabuena del Puente, Spain, breathes life into waste paper through Marcela Luna, creating unique art and functional pieces with sustainable, natural pigments.

Marcela Luna

Edition 3 Feature (September 2021)
Words by: Nekane Jiménez Fernández 
Location: Villabuena del Puente, Zamora, Spain 
Photo Credit: ©Celia Iglesias @margotroesset 

I am Nekane and I am a visual artist. The main part of my artwork involves handcrafting with paper, which is for me the essence of my art, just as paint is for a painter. For the last two years I have been keeping my waste paper from my work, because one day I realised that I was wasting so much and decided to do something with these leftovers. 

In this way, Marcela Luna was born. This new brand makes the perfect harmony with the creative art that I sell under the name Neka. I would like to improve my designs and make Marcela Luna bigger because I feel it is something that I need to do and that makes my art and me complete. 

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