Marin et Marine

Discover the timeless elegance of Marin et Marine, a Berlin-based brand founded by twin designers blending classic, functional design with maritime flair, creating unique, hand-dyed bags.

Marin et Marine

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Val√©rie Hebel 
Location: Berlin, Germany
Photo Credits: ¬©Laura Tran @laura.liebt 

We are twins and the design team behind the brand Marin et Marine. Caroline is a graphic designer and I am a furniture designer. We realised very early on that we would do something together. We wanted to create things and realised that we like the classic, simple, high quality things you don‚Äôt find anymore. Right now, it‚Äôs bags that we create, but maybe in the future there will be more things. We have an online shop and a showroom in the Neuk√∂lln district of Berlin, Germany, which people can visit five days a week. 

A grandfather‚Äôs old duffel bag, which accompanied him on his countless trips to sea as a captain, laid the foundation for our label Marin et Marine. After completing our design studies, we developed a modern reinterpretation of the duffel bag: practical, functional and hard-wearing, as well as simple and timelessly beautiful with a maritime flair. We wanted to design a simple and functional bag, suitable for everyday use and very practical while travelling. We had the idea to dye the fabrics ourselves to create shades and tones that are unique, from pastels to bright colours. 

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