Meeting Florian Gadbsy

Meeting Florian Gadbsy

We took a 800-mile round trip to meet Florian Gadsby, a renowned ceramicist based in north London. Over the past five years, Florian has captivated audiences with his journey, captivating Instagram followers with his tableware, unique decorative and sculptural vessels, and occasional commissioned pieces. However, it is through his posts that Florian takes us on a deeper exploration, sharing the processes, ideas, and profound discoveries that shape his craft. Florian has expanded his creative realm, immersing us in the intricate art of pottery-making through in-depth YouTube videos. Jack and I were eager to uncover Florian's story and learn more about him, so we drove to his workshop for a day of conversations.

As we arrived at Florian's studio, we were welcomed into his incredible workshop. His workshop served as a haven for inspiration, and we were greeted warmly by Florian and his delightful companion, his gorgeous dog Ciro. Admiring the shelves adorned with Florian's remarkable creations, we sensed the anticipation in the air, as he prepared for one of his highly anticipated shop drops‚ÄĒheld three times a year, where Florian releases a plethora of stunning pottery to the public (and yes, they sell out within minutes!). Before settling in for our podcast, Florian treated us to a tour of his workshop, sharing insights over coffee, while enjoying a dog walk in between.

Sitting down for an engaging conversation that stretched over two hours, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in Florian's world. With every word spoken, Florian's passion for his craft shined through. From the origin of his artistic philosophies to the meticulous techniques he employs, Florian generously shared his insights, leaving us even more inspired and appreciative of his work.

As we bid farewell to Florian we were excited about his release of his upcoming book‚ÄĒa testament to his remarkable journey. In the coming months, Florian will embark on a series of book tours, inviting enthusiasts and admirers to delve deeper into his creative world. To stay updated on Florian's ventures, be sure to visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Florian for generously sharing his time and allowing us to get to know the person behind the art. We look forward to meeting him again sometime in the future!

Watch the podcast in full here.

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