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I want to introduce you to a word I stumbled on a couple of weeks ago. It has sat as a note on my desktop since then to remind me to write a newsletter about it. The word in question: Meraki.

I have tracked it down to Greek origin, However it doesn't seem to have a direct English translation. It embodies something special, something fitting to you makers - the essence of putting "soul, creativity, or love" into something, leaving a piece of yourself in your work. Whether you're a painter, a coder, a chef, or anything in between, meraki is the magic that happens when you pour your heart into the project in front of you.


You're working on a project. Not just any project, but one that lights up your soul. That's meraki. It seems meraki is not about the task at hand but the way we approach it. An approach of enthusiasm, dedication, and care. After all as we all know thats what sets you work apart from mass manufactured gifts and products.

Why Embrace Meraki?

  1. Boosts Creativity: Engaging with your work passionately encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving.
  2. Enhances Job Satisfaction: When you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work. Meraki can transform mundane tasks into joyful activities.
  3. Connects You to Your Work: By investing yourself fully, you create a deep connection with your projects, making them more meaningful and fulfilling.
  4. Leaves a Legacy: Work done with meraki resonates with authenticity and can inspire others long after you're done.

Bringing Meraki into Life

  • Personalise Your Workspace: Surround yourself with items that inspire you and reflect your personality.
  • Choose Projects That Excite You: Whenever possible, select work that aligns with your passions.
  • Take Pride in Your Work: Treat each task as an opportunity to showcase your unique skills and perspective.
  • Share Your Passion: Don't be shy about your love for your work. Enthusiasm is contagious!

Meraki in Action

In this space, meraki is everywhere. It’s in the meticulously chipped stone ware of stone carvers, the precise hand actions of ceramicists whiles throwing, the hammer blows of a blacksmith, and it is in every word Kate and I put out into the world.

Let's Celebrate Meraki Together!

I invite you to share stories of how you've incorporated meraki into your work. Have you recently completed a project with passion? Or maybe you have watched someone else whose meraki shines from them and their work? let us know when you saw meraki in action by replying to this email or DM'ing us on instagram. Better yet if you seen someone who shines meraki, share their work with the world by any means you can.

Here’s to living and working with meraki!

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