Monty & Co.

Monty & Co., where traditional workwear meets childhood charm. Leigh Montague's passion for quality and British heritage shines in each garment, designed for playful adventures and lasting memories.

Monty & Co.

Edition One Feature (September 2020)
Words by: Leigh Montague 
Location: South Cotswolds: UK
Photo Credits: © Davey Cleveland @ daveycleveland / Tim Dunk @tim_dunk/ Louise Gibbens @louisegibbens

My son Grayson was the inspiration for Monty & Co., a line of traditional workwear designed for childhood. Monty & Co. was born from a desire to find simple yet stylish, functional and unisex clothing for my young son. 

Monty & Co. is 100% manufactured in Britain, slowly and sustainably by small batch production. Craftsmanship is key throughout: from the initial designs to the drafting of patterns to the cutting and sewing of the garments, everything is done by traditional hand methods. We are fortunate to be working with an English factory in Norfolk that has an incredible history of manufacturing workwear for over 200 years. Making use of the factory‚Äôs seasonal downtime for our production provides continuity for the local skilled workforce while supporting the future and heritage of the British textile industry. 

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