Pillars of Progress: Why Print?

Kate and I have been thinking hard over the past years since starting We Are Makers. What will its final form be? Over the coming weeks and months I will be writing a multi part series. Our journey so far, The Questions we have asked ourselves and the answers we give.

Pillars of Progress: Why Print?

We launched We Are Makers with a mission – to spotlight global makers. By uplifting and showcasing makers to the world, we aim to ensure these artisans can thrive and pass on their craft to future generations.

What did this look like? We didn't know back then, and truth be told, we don't fully know now. What we did know is that we had to start.

We began with a Bookazine/Journal/Publication/Magazine/Periodical or whichever other name you prefer. To Kate and me, it was simply a collection of some of the best makers we could find in print.

This raises the question, "Why print?" Because we've all heard "print is dead," and although I stand firmly against that belief, I can tell you it's not an easy market. It has high overheads. So... Why print?

Kate and I wanted to create a space for everyone to appreciate the makers we feature – a space free of distraction and a space to be immersed and inspired. We also come from a product design background, so physical products you can touch/smell/hold/pass on are our jam. In order to represent and showcase those who do beautiful work, one must also do beautiful work. So an online-only approach was not going to cut it. We believe in this mission, so we had to put skin in the game. Print it was.

Now, that has developed over the years to better serve our cause. For example, we went from bi-annual to quarterly and cut the page count by 38% per issue. This not only means you get 100+ more pages per year of inspiration and wonder but also reduces postage costs dramatically. We are now a large letter, not a small parcel. Win. Win.

The mag will always evolve, and we are always planning new features and seeking out new makers. When we started, we featured short stories from many makers. Now, we dive deeper. We explore who the maker is, not only as a creative but as a person – their motivations and their journey. And that is where we feel our strengths lie.

Want to find out for yourself why we went print? Pick up a copy below. I think you will agree, we made the right choice.